There are codes and articles about windows batch programming.

Password Input

This script allow you enter a password, showing * (mark) instead of the key pressed.

batch clock

File: password_input.cmd or password_input.txt

Batch Clock

This script shows a digital clock.

batch clock

File: clock.cmd

Create all ansi characters

Is possible create all ansi characters using a batch script?
Yes. There are several methods.
For example you need create the tab character o even the nul character.
Note: the nul character is the ansi 0, and is different from the NUL file
used in cmd that is a special file that not have any character.

For create any ansi character we can use a technique using makecab.
This will works from windows 2000 to windows 8.

Use genchr.cmd like this:
genchr.cmd 0
rem this will create the 0 or nul character.
genchr.cmd 9
rem this will create the 9 or tab character.

The files will have the .chr extension.

File: genchr.cmd or genchr.txt

If you need create large binary data look bhx program