BHX 5.8 - Encode a binary file in a batch script for rebuild it.

BHX 5.8
Encode a binary file in a batch script for rebuild it.

By default, the generated batch script name is mybin.cmd.
Is recommended convert your file in a cabinet
with compression, created with this command line:
Makecab /d compressiontype=lzx file
and use the generated cabinet as source.
This can save many bytes in the output script.

BHX source ... [/hex] [/o:out] [/y]

  source  Binary to encode.
  /hex    Encode binary data using 16 hexadecimal characters.
          The default encoder uses 85 printable characters.
  /o:out  out is the output filename instead of mybin.cmd.
  /y      Overwrite the output file.

BHX /author
  display the author of the program.

Example of a generated script for rebuild self: build_bhx.cmd

Example of usage:

REM For save bytes is recommended create a cabinet file
REM using the compression LZX because it generally have
REM better compression than the default MSZIP

C:\folder> Makecab /D CompressionType=LZX file

REM Apply bhx

C:\folder> Bhx
"mybin.cmd" generated.

REM Check integrity:

C:\folder> Rename file file.bak

C:\folder> mybin.cmd

C:\folder> fc /b file file.bak
FC: no differences encountered


v5.8 :
	*Minor changes.
v5.7 :
	+Allow encode more than one file.
	*Updated the Rebuild function.
v5.6 :
	+Improved description of the program.
v5.5 :
	+Minor changes.
v5.4 :
	+Add default encoding method using 85 characters,
	 based on z85 encode.
	+Add /hex option for encode using 16 hexadecimal
	 characters. This was the default in previous versions.
v5.3 :
	+Fixed bug happened on some windows 7.
	 (Thanks to Petr Lázňovský for report).
v4.0 :
	+Improved decode speedy.
v3.1 :
	+Fixed bug happened on windows xp using bulgarian language pack.
	 (Thanks to Vasil Arnaudov for report).

Download Executable (zip)

bhx.exe info:

Size:		8192 bytes
SHA-256:	a25421d42d6d12ff983af4e84fb41816147021334697a1e2ecfd1aedbd675767

See the source code online (excludes binaries)